Менеджмент как по нотам или Модель делового совершенства

Perhaps in no other industry is not presented as safety requirements , as in aviation. Constantly under public scrutiny, and having no room for error , the industry is guided by the most stringent quality standards. In an extremely competitive on the world market almost all successful manufacturers , suppliers and service providers recognize that today the quality management is the main driving force behind their business.

Every manager wants the company to operate as a single coherent mechanism , and the changes were in the right direction , clearly and without delay. This can be achieved if the work to build a company with business engineering methods by which goals , processes , organizational structure and employee tasks are summarized in clear and transparent to all the system and each organizational decision stems from the vision of the whole.

To this end, in early August 2013 in the Company ” Kazaviaspas ‘ decision and contract consulting company” Intercert Consulting CentrAsia ” the development and implementation of Quality Management System (QMS ) and the Excellence Model of the European Foundation of Quality Management .
The purpose of the QMS created – the creation of the organization in such a governance structure that would comply with the requirements put forward by the modern , managed its processes , minimizing the risks and satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer ( consumer).

The main purpose of the quality of JSC ” Kazaviaspas ” is a professional , timely and high-quality aviation services as components of safety, efficiency and regularity of aircraft operations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other departments in accordance with established and applicable rules and standards. However, these statements require confirmation – independent certification. It is irrefutable evidence that quality standards . Such certification can mean getting a new contract in a competitive environment.

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