Информация по пожару в г. Алматы


13 September 2013 in 13 hours and 55 minutes to the central fire communications GU ” fire service and rescue ” of the Department of Emergency Almaty received a phone message about the fire in the market ” Olzha “, located at the address : Almaty, Zhetysuskij district, North Circular .
At the fire fighting forces and resources are directed by the higher call number.

On arrival in 14 hours 05 minutes to the fire of the first fire units found that lit warehouse with shoes on an area of ​​300 sq.m.
Because of the large fuel load burning has spread to nearby shopping containers located markets “Alatau ” and ” Keremet .”
At 17 hours 49 minutes for the fire fighting units were involved in two helicopters JSC ” Kazaviaspas ” and ” Rescue 051 ” in Almaty with the presence of spillway devices that have implemented 19 water discharges , a total of 51 tons.

Together with the service DVD Almaty carried removal of vehicles from adjacent streets, together with the internal forces in the / h number 5571 , and divisions “SBM” cordoned off area of the market.
In general, the fire suppression units involved 40 primary and 9 units of special fire fighting equipment , 351 personnel of the fire service , two brigades of the Almaty branch of the Center for Disaster Medicine , as well as 10 units of watering municipal vehicles SCE ” Almaty Tazalyk .”
To ensure law and order on the spot fire was attracted 320 employees DVD Almaty, including SWAT and 810 military personnel / h 5571 Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Thanks to these measures the fire was localized in 19 hours 59 minutes and eliminated in 6:00 . 38 minutes. September 14, 2013 . Total area – 5400 sq.m.
Directly from the hazards of fire damaged one person who has applied for an ambulance with symptoms of poisoning by combustion products. 4 cases of treatment of victims of bruises and cuts.

In fact the fire department investigation of the Department of Emergency Management , Almaty prosecuted.
The cause of the fire and damage to property are set .

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