МЧС РК принимает в эксплуатацию самый большой вертолет в мире Ми-26Т


Commissioned by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan » Helicopter Service Company, ” completed the rehabilitation and modernization of two transport helicopters Mi- 26.

In March 2012 , a group of aviation and technical specialists of the Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant together with engineers from JSC ” Kazaviaspas ” Emergency Ministry has worked on the preparation of helicopters to be sent for repairs. In May 2012, they were transported by helicopter external load equivalent to a distance of more than two thousand kilometers.

In Novosibirsk was overhauled Mi-26 helicopters and equipment of modern pilotazhnonavigatsionnym complex and special-purpose equipment , allowing to carry out large-scale rescue operations: emergency evacuation of victims from accidents and disasters with the ability to take off / landing in small areas , delivery vehicles, construction equipment , medical teams with honey . equipment and rescue , delivery of 14 tons of fuel and the organization of its issue for refueling helicopters in the organization of temporary / airfields in locations of accidents and disasters , fire fighting , including a hard-to ignition sources , using standard grid capacity of 15 cubic meters. meters.

October 12, 2013 the first helicopter made ​​a nonstop flight from Novosibirsk to Astana.
In the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the first case of commissioning in civil aviation helicopters of this type.
Mi- 26 – the world’s largest serial transport helicopter , which account for more than a dozen world records and perform custom tasks. The helicopter is designed for transport of oversized cargo and equipment weighing up to 20 tons. The central part of the fuselage includes cargo compartment size 12,00 × 3,25 × (2,95-3,57) m and the rear compartment , which goes into the end beam.

In the troop transport version of the helicopter can accommodate 82 people with full equipment . In a helicopter ambulance version can accommodate up to 60 stretchers with the wounded . For loading of bulky cargo in the cargo is electric winch with a pulling force of up to 500 kg. Also, the helicopter is capable of carrying loads on the external load .
The helicopter can be used for landing rescue officers , as well as for search and rescue operations : the emergency response , clearing debris, transportation and installation of heavy equipment , the construction of dams and the restoration of power lines. Combining the large capacity and high cruise speed makes the use of helicopters cost effective.

This is the first car in the world with an eight- bladed propeller. Each blade has an incredible length of 15 meters. Rotational speed 132 rpm Air flow rate from its screw 115 km / h The edges of the blades reinforced with heavy-duty titanium coating . The screw diameter of 32 meters , which is equal wingspan of a Boeing 737.
The helicopter allowed to fly in the airspace near and far abroad.

Brief characteristics of the Mi- 26T
The crew of 5 people
The height of 11.6 m
Length (with rotating blades ) 40,025 m
Mass of empty helicopter 28.6 tons
Maximum take-off weight of 56 tons
Fuel Weight 12,000 liters
The maximum speed of 295 km / h
Flight range of 1920 km
Static ( out of ground effect ) , m
Dynamic , m

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